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Lock and Send is a downloadable software application that allows users to securely transfer any file or files across the internet. Whether you are looking for a secure alternative to email or you wish to send files that are too large for email, Lock and Send has you covered. Lock and Send is extremely easy to use and offers superior security to other file transfer sites. With unlimited transfers up to 10 GB per week, Lock and Send is the easiest, most secure and most flexible file transfer service available.



What are some typical uses of Lock and Send?

  • Multimedia - Use Lock & Send to send pictures, video, music or any other multimedia file too large for email.
  • Large Files - Lock & Send can transfer any file, not just multimedia. Scanned files, tiff files, any type of file you may have can be sent with Lock & Send.
  • Sensitive Documents - Are you sending sensitive documents as email attachments? Stop! Email is notoriously insecure. Lock & Send gives you the security your sensitive documents require.
  • Encryption Compliance - Several states have adopted encryption requirements for electronic data transmission. Lock & Send meets and exceeds all known current legislated encryption requirements.



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